Yatta! I have dreamed long about going to Tokyo,Japan. And finally I will get to experience everything Japan has to offer.

This past year I have googled myself to death and read up on everything Tokyo has to offer.(almost everything) I’ve always wanted to go there, but there has never been any concrete plans for a trip. I have followed the flight prices for several months now but failed to decide what flight i would go for. yesterday I finally found the right combination of price and time. So now i know, I’m leaving in June 2015 and i’m staying there for one full month.

What is your plans?

I have not made plans for everything I want to do. I’ts almost impossible to see everything even with my 1 month itenerary. Sure, I will see a lot of temples and shrines. Yes i will be wandering around Akihabara and spend my money like a crazy tourist. And even try a lot of japanese cousine. I can just imagine how my camera sounds when taking pictures of every little thing that facinate me. One thing is for sure. I’m going to experience Japan the way i want to. Alone

The plan is to be most of the time in Tokyo but I also really like to travel with a bullet train (Shinkansen) down to Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. It all depends on my budget and planning. Shinkansen is expensive, but i could buy a Japan Rail Pass that is only available to foreigners visiting the country. For 7 days the pass cost 239$ 14 days is 382$ and 21 days 489$

So i just have do decide on that matter later 🙂


I’m going to write about my planning in the coming months so stay tuned! :p