When i announced on Facebook a couple of weeks ago that i was going to travel to Tokyo,Japan for ONE Month people asked me Why. WHY are you going there by your self? Alone? Yes.. Alone!

I’ve had a dream for a while. I want to travel the world all by my self. Not with other people. Just completely alone. Not because i Hate people, but because i’m an introvert and wanted to try something new. For many years i’ve been traveling with one of my best friends who sadly passed away only 36 years old. He had a complication to his heart and was going to take a surgery to fix his condition. But two weeks before his body could not take it anymore 🙁

We traveled around for many years. Tallinn, Riga, London, Copenhagen,Kiel and it was a lot of fun! I miss Jørn a lot. Thinking about all the fun things we did when we traveled. One of our favorite destinations was Tallinn in Estonia. I am not exaggerating if I say that we certainly were there 4-5 times in a few years. We loved the city, Casino’s and cheap booze hehe.

Our plan was to travel even further. One of the places was Tokyo, And now i’m going. Sadly without Jørn.

Why are you traveling solo?

Because i NEED to. I WANT to. But really why? Because life is too short not to.

You see. After Jørn passed away i’ve been thinking about this for a year. I don’t have a lot of friends. And the friends i have do not want to travel as much as i want to. And sure not the places I want to visit. My Tokyo trip is going to be my first full length solo trip all by my self. I went to Liverpool in November alone and it was awesome! But that was just for two days before i went to Amsterdam to meet up with a friend there.

2014-11-10 17.21.43


I’ve realized that life is too short and the limited time we have here on this rock we call planet earth is too short. My new perspective on life is going to take me places i’ve always wanted to visit. You can’t rely on other people all the time. And this certainly applies to travel. It’s about getting out of that comfort zone you have when you travel with other people. It’s about doing what YOU want when YOU want it.

So i’m excited to go. Have you traveled solo? Please comment down below. I would like to see your comments!

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