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Wrestling in New York

On my last day in New York City i tried to visit the One world observatory and the 911 memorial place. Sadly the weather was not with me on this day so the observation deck was cancelled. In my hotel i met Cody Rhodes aka Stardust. Very nice fella. I got a picture and later […]

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Welcome to New York

My first proper day in New York City was a beautiful spring day with lots of sun and nice weather. I appologize for the lack of talking in the video but some of the clips were useless because of wind noise. Unfortunately that is the case for some of the next vlogs that are coming […]

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What is the Nerd up to?

Hello my fellow nerds! You are probably wondering where the hell i am these days. I Haven`t posted a video or a blog post in a while and that bothers me. It bothers me because in the start of the year when i started this blog and my Youtube channel the plan was to be […]

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