“The first thing i noticed when arriving in Amsterdam was all the people on bikes traveling around the narrow streets  in the evening rush hour, Trying not to get hit by them.”

I was going to stay 4 nights in a 4 star hotel located in the Amsterdam west area. “The Golden Tulip” Me and a friend i’ve just met at the airport was going to explore this city in the days to come. After checking in, getting the wrong room and then switch to the right room we where finally here. The receptionist was trying to explain to us what tram to take in to the city center. Not a very easy task. “Take tram nr 13” she said. The tram was just outside the hotel and we left to explore. Let 4 days in Amsterdam start!



After riding the tram all around town we made it to the central station. I could feel the vibe of Amsterdam from the moment i stepped out of the tram at the Amsterdam Central station. Bikes where everywhere and i had to look out for cyclists wherever i walked. In the darkness, Blinking red lights and bells telling me that a bike was near was a little overwhelming for the first 5 minutes. But i soon got used to it.

We where on a mission to find some green goodies to take back to the hotel and some food. I was hungry as hell since it was many hours since i ate a sandwich at the Manchester airport. I was a little bit tired too after last nights WWE Raw from Liverpool that i attended.So this was going to be a chill evening and just relax.

The day after we went out to see the canal city in daylight. It was time for exploring.

We walked a lot (Around 10K steps a day) and took some pictures around the canals. It was November but like the viking i am it was hotter here than in Norway. So i got very hot in my big winter jacket when walking around the city. In the narrow streets there was a lot of coffee shops filled with tourists that enjoyed them selfes and we could hear rastafari music on every corner. We sat down at “The doors” coffeshop and just chilled with the friendly people who sat there and enjoyed life.

However. We never visited the red light district to see the half naked girls at night. I think the furthest we got was here, by a hot dog stand next to the red light district.



It was a good relaxing trip to Amsterdam. In the end i was getting a cold so i was not in the mood to do a lot other than chill and just take this trip as a very relaxed one. All the tourist attractions was crowded anyway.(Anne Frank house and Madame Tussauds) But i will come back to Amsterdam and spend more than 4 nights.Not just to smoke but explore more in to the deep side of this beautiful city. I loved every minute of it! See you later X.X.X Amsterdam.
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