Hello my fellow nerds!

You are probably wondering where the hell i am these days. I Haven`t posted a video or a blog post in a while and that bothers me.

It bothers me because in the start of the year when i started this blog and my Youtube channel the plan was to be consistent with my content. I planned my trip to Japan for many months, and stayed there in the summer for one month. It was awesome! Then i got home and planned my next adventure. One week in Belgium and Netherlands. Last month i was 4 days in Manchester England and next week i`m off to London for 3 days. But the time spent at home has been dedicated to something else. It`s called work. So unfortunately i haven`t had the time to work on my Youtube channel or this blog and i`m really sorry about that.

The trip to Belgium and Netherlands i have some footage to edit. Still also have some video left from Japan that needs to be edited but time is not available this time around. So i Apologize for that!



What about 2016?

I WILL travel in 2016. I got two trips in the planning right now. First of all in Mid/Late March i`m heading over to Dallas Texas in the states to watch the grandest show of them all. Wrestlemania 32. I also want to rent a car to maybe see more of Texas. I may even fly in somewhere else in usa to take on a solo roadtrip. A roadtrip to Wrestlemania. That will be awesome because it`s my first time in the states.

Japan is also on the list for 2016 but that will be in the fall. I`m thinking about going back to Japan in September/October when it is not that hot or humid like it was this summer. Holy shit it was HOT! 🙂 But i loved the country and next trip will include Osaka,Kyoto,Nara etc. Not just Tokyo and Hakone.

Other than that i had planned for a trip to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong in January but i had to cancel that plan because of the stuff i do right now. But don`t worry. When i get time again to travel and dedicate my time to what i love i will push out content faster than lightning! Good thing is i`m making a lot of cash now that i can use for future travel so please stay with me.

Other than that i wish you a good weekend and we will talk soon Bye!

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